How to Sell

Online Estate Sales LLC offers an easier, safer way to make more money. Unlike a conventional estate sale, no buyers enter your home during an online auction.

Estate Sales Online LLC uses to list all of our auctions, display auction items, and accept bids on auction items. Click here to see our profile as an Elite seller on

What Happens First?

When you choose Estate Sales Online, LLC to handle your estate sale, we make an appointment to come to your home for an interview. We want to understand your needs, plans, important dates, and life circumstances.

Inventory, Pricing & Liquidation

Plan on showing us around your home and pointing out items that will go to family members, cherished items that require specific pricing (usually there are a few “reserve” prices), and how you want to clear out unsold items. We can arrange for unsold items to be donated to charity if you desire.


We will need to know your attorney if your items are in probate, and if someone else will be in charge, we need to understand their authority and role in the sale. We will review our Estate Sales Contract with you and make sure we both understand the process and costs. Our typical Estate Sales Contract is included here for your review.


We want to build trust between you as seller and us as the liquidator. If we together can build trust, then the process will be smoother, and our activities will be transparent to you and a source of comfort. We aim to sell everything, and we want the estate selling experience to be a good one.

What Happens as we Prepare?

Photographs & Descriptions

Once we have entered into a contract, then we start the process of photographing all the items for sale and making notes to go with them. You, the seller, can be helpful with this process, and you could be occupied for a day or two as we prepare your unique catalog and post the photos to our bidding website,

Marketing Your Auction

We market your auction to our database of membership, previous buyers, known resellers, and specialty buyers (collectors, antique dealers, art galleries). We aim to offer 200-450 items for sale to create sufficient activity, and we recommend beginning prices for the auction.

Selling Auction Items

Remember, we are liquidators, and our goal is to sell everything and get you the most money we can. We earn the most when you do the best. Selling is the goal. Our fees reflect a percent of total revenues. We do well together.

What Is It Really Worth?

Sadly, personal property depreciates about 10% per year, and many things are dated and not as valuable as we would like (VCR tapes, DVD’s, old TV’s, old speakers & stereo equipment). Clothes and shoes can be bundled and sold as a lot. Dishes and kitchenware can be sold as a batch. Toxic cleaning products cannot be sold, and so we toss them. Firearms require special handling. Vehicles require paperwork in advance. You may worry that we undervalue items, but we are striving to be realistic. For example, a naugahide recliner chair that cost $700 new eight years ago may bring only $50 at auction.

What Happens When the Auction is Over?

Your auction is open for some time, depending upon life circumstances, but often for 30 days. After the auction closes, we distribute invoices and announce a date for pickup.

Winning Bidders

Bidders have already paid for their items, so we do not handle money at your home. However, we come to your home and organize the pick-up and have staff who checks invoices and items distributed.

Auction Pickup Day

The pick up is 4 to 5 hours, and we gather unsold items for charity pickup. The sellers often vacate the home for this event because it can be stressful. If you as the seller have asked for cleaning, the cleaning crew comes within the next 24 hours.

To maintain the integrity of the sale, we offer buyers a refund in some cases.

  • If an item sold for over $10 and was advertised as “working,” then if it is found to not work anytime in the five days following the auction, we will give a refund and take the item back. For example, a blender or toaster may not work as expected.

  • If an item is misdescribed, we offer a refund at the time of pick up. For example, if an item is described as “wood,” but it is “plastic,” then we will give a refund.

  • If an item shows repairs, but the fix is not mentioned or noticed, then we offer a refund at the time of pickup if the buyer so desires.

  • If a buyer cannot make it to the pickup at the designated time, we offer a pickup service. We can only handle small items, but we will pick up your items (1-10 pieces) for $10 and hold them at our office for ten days for your convenience. We will add the fee to your purchase. There are no refunds on items we pick up for you unless they meet the refund criteria above.

  • We do not refund for missed pickups. All bids are final.

When Do I Get My Money?

We reconcile Auction sales and distribute sales proceeds to you within ten days of the pickup. You receive a list of items and their sales prices. If there are other fees such as cleaning fees, you will see a deduction from proceeds in that amount.

What About Out of the Way Homes?

Online estate sales are perfect for rural homes or homes that are off the beaten path. As long as we can write adequate directions for pickup, your home need not be in an accessible or developed neighborhood, and you are not involved in hosting unexpected visitors.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Estate Sales Online, LLC is bonded and insured. At the time of the estate sale, the homeowner should have homeowner’s insurance in place in the event of an unlikely injury. If there is a vehicle to be test driven, it should have current insurance as well.

Do You Offer Other Services?

We can assist with cleaning services, trash hauling, landscaping services, and introductions to other subcontractors. For example, Mark Conkling is a licensed General Contractor in New Mexico and also a licensed New Mexico Real Estate Broker and member of the National Association of Realtors. He can refer you to experienced and honest professionals.

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